: Poison Information Center Toll Free Lines: 0800 - 730030 and 0800 - 720021
  • Tilapia Fish Farming Ponds
    Tilapia Fish Farming Ponds

    Develop and implement a progressive, effective and sustainable training program in conformity with the Industry needs.

  • Coffee Harvest Sorting and Grading

    Encouraging and promoting just, fair and honorable practice, to oppose malpractice and illegal practices in the operation of the industry.

  • Green House Farming Kenya
    Green House Farming Kenya

    Protecting of common trade interests of its members, where these are concerned with the manufacture, formulation and distribution of pesticides.

  • Kenyan Farm Produce at The Market
    Kenyan Farm Produce at The Market

    Establish linkages for collaboration with Government, NGOs (Local, Regional and International) and other stakeholders in the Industry, on matters of mutual interests and concerns.

  • Cattle Vaccination at a Cattle Dip
    Cattle Vaccination at a Cattle Dip

    Encouraging research in all areas that will improve the effective use of pesticides.

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