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Agrochem News

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The AAK's New look Flagship Quarterly Newsletter

Agrochem News is the Agrochemicals Association of Kenya's flagship magazine.

Produced quarterly, Agrochem News has been in circulation since 1978 and has served as the agrochemical industries mouth piece.

Over the years the magazine has evolved to a state of the art 16 page, full color magazine available Online and in hard copy and has Broadened its outreach to a large spectrum of stakeholders in the Agricultural sector from producers, manufacturers, formulators, distributers, farmers and the communities at large.

To read the latest edition of Agrochem News go to Newsletters.

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Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK)

The Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) is, the umbrella organization in Kenya for manufacturers, formulators, repackers, importers, distributors, farmers and users of pest control products (pesticides). It is also the national representative of the International Agrochem Industry represented worldwide by CropLife International (formerly GIFAP).