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Personal Protective Equipment Survey Report by Agrochemicals Association Of Kenya

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The need to undertake rapid assessment on use of protective clothing was voiced at environmental sub committee. A task force comprising of officers from Plant Protection Services Division (PPSD), Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) and Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) were mandated to carry out the exercise. 


  • Establish the percentage adoption of protective clothing by small scale farmers.
  • Gather reasons contributing to observed adoption rate.
  • Give recommendations.

The Attached document below shows the task force report.

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Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK)

The Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) is, the umbrella organization in Kenya for manufacturers, formulators, repackers, importers, distributors, farmers and users of pest control products (pesticides). It is also the national representative of the International Agrochem Industry represented worldwide by CropLife International (formerly GIFAP).