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Our Mission

  • ‘To facilitate responsible management of pest control solutions for improved agricultural production, public health and environmental protection’.

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in pest control products’ stewardship

Our Motto

  • Protect to Provide

The Objectives

The main objectives of AAK are to:

  • Develop and implement a progressive, effective and sustainable training program in conformity with the industry needs;
  • Provide professional product stewardship for all actors at all levels of the products chain, especially manufacturing, as well as use and disposal;
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable communication system that serves the interests and needs of the members, stakeholders and the public;
  • Establish strategic linkages and collaboration with Government, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and other stakeholders in the Industry; and
  • Acquire and manage the human, physical and financial resources required for the effective and sustainable operations of the Association. 


  • AAK’s niche is in pest control stewardship. We are the representative of the pesticide industry in Kenya. We contribute to improvements in pest control technologies, quality, safe use and disposal.


  • ‘We believe that pest control produces, when properly managed, have great potential for improved agricultural production and ecosystem protection. These in turn have immense positive effects on household health, food and nutrition security, all of which are key prerequisites for attainment of sustainable socio-economic development, and human wellbeing.’

Core Values

AAK is guided by the following ideals:

  • Stewardship: We are devoted to enabling the responsible development and management of pest control products and technologies for the wellbeing of both people and the planet.
  • Integrity: We are committed to ethical and open practices, guided by internationally accepted standards and codes of conduct.
  • Quality: We are driven by a passion to deliver a superior experience for all of our stakeholders.
  • Reliability: We deliver on, and endeavor to go beyond our promises’

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